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Services from Lasting Impressions Laser, LLC:

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Laser Hair Removal
Silk Peel Microdermabrasion

Laser Hair Removal Services from Lasting Impressions Laser, LLC:

Traditionally, unwanted hair has been temporarily removed with methods such as shaving and waxing.  With modern laser technology, this unwanted hair can be removed by a process called laser hair reduction.  This is a clinically proven and gentle hair removal method. 

During an initial consultation, your laser hair removal expectations will be discussed and any questions you may have will be answered.  Measures are taken during procedures to ensure that laser treatments are as comfortable as possible for clients. 

Safety and comfort are top priorities, and most clients find laser treatments to be more comfortable than expected. 

Laser hair reduction works by targeting a laser beam to the area being treated.  Melanin in the hair follicles absorbs the laser beam, generating heat.  In turn, this heat destroys the hair follicles thereby disabling the growth of new hair. 

A success rate of 60-90% can be expected in treated areas.  The number of treatment sessions with vary from person to person, depending on skin type, hair color and area being treated.

Below is a client treated for back hair.  Total time of treatment 40 minutes.

Face (sideburn/cheeks) - removes hair from the cheeks to the sideburn area
Face- Partial includes chin, neck and the sideburn areas
Full Face – Removes all unwanted facial hair
Eyebrows- shaped above and below the eyebrow
Glabella is the area between the eyebrows sometimes referred to as a unibrow
Chin - is below the lower lip, above the neck area
Neck - front of neck below the chin
Neck - back of the neck for the perfect hair cut line all the time
Lip - upper and lower
Ears - total outer ear
Nose - top of the nose or nostril
Underarms - total underarm area
Basic Bikini – 2” outside panty line
Australian Bikini - the 1” wide strip of hair on bikini area includes basic bikini, labia and anal area
Brazilian – total pubic area popular with both men and women
Anal – only the anal area
Private Area – full labia or scrotum and penis area
Aerola - area around the nipple
Fingers and Toes – fingers give you that fresh manicure look all the time toes makes you look great in sandals
Hands or Feet
Head – Removal of hair in the scalp area
Chest – pectoral or breast
Abdomen Linea – line above pubis
Buttocks – any purchase of buttocks may take 50% off the anal area if done at the same time
Thighs – get 50% off of purchase of bikini area with this service
Arms – upper or lower
Legs – above the knee or below the knee

SilkPeel® Microdermabrasion Services from Lasting Impressions Laser, LLC:

Click Here for more information on How SilkPeel® works

SilkPeel® is the most dynamic skin treatment available today. It is in the only procedure featuring Dermalinfusion™, the non-invasive exfoliation and delivery of skin-specific solutions, leaving patients with fresher-feeling and better-looking skin. SilkPeel® is safe and painless, allowing patients to achieve optimum results on an accelerated basis without the complications and discomfort usually associated with invasive procedures. In addition, SilkPeel® is unique because it does not use crystals or other abrasive particles that can irritate the skin.

For the Patient, the SilkPeel®:
•Goes beyond microdermabrasion by providing simultaneous exfoliation and Dermalinfusion topical delivery treatment
•Performs a painless, soothing treatment
•Delivers noticeable near-term results and lasting skin improvement
•Allows an immediate return to normal activities
•Offers a choice of topical formulations to address each person's unique skin care needs
•Eliminates the risk and health concerns of aluminum-based crystals

Click here for more information on How SilkPeel® works.

Free Trial!
We are so sure you will love the results of permanent hair reduction, that Lastin Impressions Laser is offering a free spot treatment for all new clients! This way, you can experience for yourself the potential of hair reduction and ease any fears you may have about discomfort, without first committing to a full procedure.

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